Thursday, November 09, 2006

9 months cuter!

I can't believe Rhealyn has been in our arms for 9 months!! She is growing so fast! Crawling around everywhere and standing up all the time. She is cruising as well, but no steps on her own yet. I'm sure it will get here fast! Rhealyn is working on her 6th tooth. She doesn't have a toothless grin anymore!

We took a trip to New Orleans last weekend to visit Daddy and for her 9 month check-up. Rhealyn weighs 19 pounds 11 ounces and is 28 inches long. But she also has an ear infection. Poor girl! But she did so well on the plane. Not a peep! Rhealyn is such a good baby, thank you Lord!! We are so blessed by You!!

Seeing Dad was great! We sure do miss him and wish he was closer to us. We are crossing our fingers that he will be back by Christmas. What a gift that would be!!

Great Grandma Ruth was in town from Salt Lake City so we got to see her and the rest of the family. Great Grandma Mimi was there also. It was such a beautiful day in College Station that we bought lunch and took it to the park. Rhealyn loved playing on the blanket with everyone.

This semester is coming to an end and quickly. Only 2 more weeks left!! I have changed my degree plan to Motor Behavior and have decided to be a science teacher and coach track. I think I will have more fun with that and I will be able to have summers and holidays off with our kids.

Hope everyone is doing great and we love to hear from all of you!! You don't have to be a member to leave a comment, so comment away!!!

God Bless!!!


  1. Wow! She's got hair!!!
    What a pretty little baby. We look forward to more pictures. Thanks for the one you recently sent along with the card and sweet sentiments. Hope all is well and that we'll hear from you soon.
    Love, Kathy, Brad, and Kelsey

  2. I LOVE YOU!!!

  3. I Swear! I love coming to this site and seeing how big she is getting! You guys have such a cute family!

  4. Okay, I am REALLY happy you guys will be reunited soon BUT... I hope I see you all again before you leave New Orleans! She is getting so much bigger and cuter! Must get that from Mommy!


    Monique & Jeff

  5. What a precious angel - she has a smile for everyone. God has graced us with yet another angel and a wonderful spirit she has..She never stops moving and doesn't want to miss anything, conversation or otherwise. I Love you all...