Sunday, December 24, 2006

10 months old and late!!

Sorry it's taken a while to post a new blog but we have been very busy and living quarters are a bit different. Rhealyn had another check up at 10 months to double check her ears to make sure they are better...and they are!!! She also got 3 shots and took them very well!! Such a tough little girl!

We are in Plano right now with Nonna and Papaw and so excited for Christmas. The tree is up and decorated and there are a lot of presents under the tree!! Daddy is here with us and we are so happy to spend time with him. We miss him so much and can't wait for him to be closer to us!!

We wish every body a very warm Merry Christmas! We'll have more pics up after Rhealyn's first Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Break time

So it's been a while and I need to get everyone updated!! Not much updating really besides the fact that Rhealyn gets bigger right before my very eyes. We are currently at my parents house because this semester is over!! Yay!! One semester closer to graduating!!

Thanksgiving was great and very yummy! It was in Houston with Jeremy's family and boy did we have a full house. We also ventured to Hill Top where we rode around on the 4-wheeler with Rhealyn strapped to me in her pack. I hope your Thanksgiving was very warm and joyous!

Rhealyn and I are flying to New Orleans in a week so spend time with Daddy. We sure do miss him and can't wait until we are living with him in our own house. I know it will happen some day. Hopefully in a year!! I'll be doing my student teaching then and leaving Rhealyn at home with my dad, Papaw, so we don't have to put her in day care.

We hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday time and Merry Christmas!!

God Bless