Saturday, December 04, 2010

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

Blue Steel! Learning young!

Rhealyn's a fashionista! and practicing on Valor

Merry Christmas to everyone!!! This is Valor's first Christmas so that is exciting! Rhealyn is very excited..wrote a letter to Santa and even included Valor in the letter, so sweet!

Valor is nearly 9 months now and crawled for the first time yesterday!!! So proud! He also has 4 teeth now and he definitely knows how to use me!

I really love this time of year. Everything is decorated with beautiful lights, carefully picking out gifts for the ones we love, and just spending time with family and friends. Even the Christmas music is fun! But, of course, the most important thing, celebrating the birth of Jesus! Rhealyn is slowly learning the real reason for this season and she is so precious! I asked her today if she knew why we celebrated Christmas and she said, "because it's almost Christmas!" The Christmas story will touch her heart one year and I hope it's this year!

In love and Christ,

Friday, September 03, 2010


Rhealyn had her first day of Preschool on Thursday September 2nd. She's been waiting since the week before to go make new friends and learn! She got a new backpack, lunch box, and some clothes. When we dropped her off at the classroom door she didn't even say goodbye she was in such a hurry to start her first day of school. Rhealyn said she had a wonderful first day and loves her teachers. One is a mom of a friend of mine from high school. So I feel like we already have a great relationship with the teachers.

Valor is getting much closer to sitting up now, I think it will only take a couple more weeks and he will have perfected it. I started introducing baby food to him, apples, bananas, and sweet potatoes earlier this week. The first day is always the funniest day when all they do is push the food out with their tongues and that is exactly what Valor did. He is still laughing up a storm and such a happy baby! He especially loves to laugh at Rhealyn and she relishes the moment.

We went to Spring/Houston last weekend and visited some friends we hadn't seen in a few months. We spent time with Sophie, Rhealyn's best friend and buddy from Kids' Klub. We stopped by The Raymond's house on our way out. Finally, Scott and Marcey, to see how big Hunter was grown. It was fun seeing Valor and Hunter together, very interested in each other. It's amazing seeing the difference in a nearly 4 month old and a nearly 6 month old. We even discovered another kid, Jalen, with the same talent as Rhealyn!
We had a blast! Rhealyn even got to ride on a tractor at Hilltop with Grandpa!

The weather has been suprisingly beautiful...getting down to 70/60 at night, light breeze, and a high of 80. Actually feels like we might have a fall in Texas!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hot Hot!

Summer is keeping us inside most of the day but we still get out to cool off in the pool and do cartwheels in gymnastics. Rhealyn is loving the water now! I'm very grateful for that. Even Valor loves the water, and he loves his big sister even more. It's so sweet to see them interact. Valor is constantly smiling at her and Rhealyn loves to make him laugh!

Valor is 5 months old now, 16 lbs 7 oz and 25.5 inches long. He is 75% for his weight and 95% for his height. Such a healthy boy! He is getting stronger and is getting closer to sitting up and crawling everyday.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Valor Owen is born!

He is such a blessing!! At 2 months old he is a little over 11 pounds and 24 inches long, so long that he can already fit into his 3-6 month clothes. He is really beginning to smile and coo! I love it! And Rhealyn is being such a wonderful big sister...she always wants to hold him, even when he is crying!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rhealyn is 4!!

I just can't believe it! Rhealyn is 4 years old!! Time sure does fly...

We had a wonderful time watching the kids have fun and going around in circles in the bounce house! We will definitely have to do that again!!

Rhealyn is very excited for Baby to get here and so are we. Only 4 weeks left!!

Hugs and Kisses