Sunday, February 25, 2007

birthday party

Rhealyn's party was a hit!!! A lot of people came to see her dive into her cake...which was the best part, by the way. Nonna and Pappa held at their home in Plano and Jeremy and I couldn't be more grateful! Rhealyn received a ton of gifts, mainly clothes (which are always so cute) and some toys too. She also got a remote control car from Pappa and a remote control bull dozer from Grandpa. I guess they couldn't stand all of that PINK!!

We appreciate everyone who came and partied and brought a gift!!

We love all of you!

I think the pictures will speak for themselves.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Rhealyn is ONE!

We absolutely can not believe she is one now! Where does the time go????
Rhealyn is such a joy...even when she is sick. She was sick last weekend, sleeping all day long and all night, just not acting herself. But she is much better now and walking around all over the place again. We are in Plano this week with Daddy and we couldn't be happier!! Rhealyn and I are so excited we get to see him a lot this month and that he is moving back to Houston the last weekend in February...what a wonderful birthday present for Rhealyn!!!

Nonna and Pappa are throwing her a birthday party on Saturday so I'll be sure to write more in the next week. We'll have a ton of fun pictures to show to everyone!