Sunday, February 25, 2007

birthday party

Rhealyn's party was a hit!!! A lot of people came to see her dive into her cake...which was the best part, by the way. Nonna and Pappa held at their home in Plano and Jeremy and I couldn't be more grateful! Rhealyn received a ton of gifts, mainly clothes (which are always so cute) and some toys too. She also got a remote control car from Pappa and a remote control bull dozer from Grandpa. I guess they couldn't stand all of that PINK!!

We appreciate everyone who came and partied and brought a gift!!

We love all of you!

I think the pictures will speak for themselves.


  1. Our Rhealyn - One Year Old ...
    Hard to believe she is growing so fast. Her party was so much fun - with many more to come.
    It was a pleasure to have our friends and family join us in the celebration of Rhealyn's birthday.. Love you all..

  2. She is SO CUTE!!! They grow up so fast!!

  3. Heck yah... she's totally rockin' my rebel outfit! :)