Monday, March 19, 2007

Looking for a house!!

We are looking for a house in Tomball (just outside of Houston) so we can finally live together as a family! We are very excited and it can't come sooner. I know Rhealyn will be happier in her own room and I know I will be happier in my own room as well. It means better sleep for me =) Jeremy has moved back to Conroe and we are still in College Station. This living apart is about to drive us crazy. We hope to move into our new home in June! We still need to pick it out but we do have our eye on one! Wish us luck and we'll keep everyone updated!


  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with all of us last weekend! Rhealyn is so smart & cheery, and just a wonderful child! Hopefully when you make the move down here, we can all spend more time together. Plenty of adoptive "Aunts" & "Uncles" available for free baby sitting for Mommy &/ or Daddy to have some grown up time.

    You have done a fantastic job raising your little one!

    Kim H