Thursday, October 19, 2006

Weekend with Daddy!!

Hi Everybody!! We sure do love getting comments from you so keep them coming!! Thanks Nonna, PaPaw, Jaime, Jared, Lois, Betty, Brian & Stacy, Monique, Candace, and anyone else I forgot to mention who has left such sweet comments =)

We are doing great in College Station but we sure do miss Daddy!! We got to see him last weekend but it flew by so fast. It doesn't even seem like we actually saw him. It was 3 weeks ago last time we saw him and it will be another 3 weeks before we see him again. I know we'll actually live together one day, in our own house =)
We also saw Grandma & Grandpa in Conroe and then drove to Bay City to visit Marlene & Glenn. It was the first time for Marlene and Glenn to see Rhealyn. They loved watching her crawl around, exploring, and getting into video tapes!

Here are some photos of our weekend with Daddy! She sure loves to be in the driver's seat.
Some more photos of Rhealyn at a friends house in College Station. Nicole just thinks she the cutest and wanted to take some pictures. She's ready to be a model!!


  1. Are you trying to be Brittney Spears by letting your kid drive! Just Kidding! When will Rhealyn grace us with her beauty in New Orleans? She is so cute!


  2. I can't wait to meet this beautiful little lady (oh yeah, and see her Mommy & Daddy too!). It's been over a year!! =) Can't wait!

    Kim (and Matt)

  3. Shure is a cute baby


  4. Thank you guys!! We sure do love hearing from you! It helps since we don't get to see Jeremy a lot. We can't wait to see all of you!!
    Monique, I have no idea when we will both be in new orleans together!!
    Kim, It has been a long time. I want you to see Rhealyn so bad =)
    Mimi, I sure do love hearing from you. We'll see you soon!!
    Brook & Rhealyn