Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Mom and Dad can't believe I am half of a year old! Of course I don't even know how long that is but it sure did fly by, especially when I'm trying to figure out what all of this stuff is around me. I really love to roll around on the floor and make raspberries. Drool is pouring out of my mouth, but no teeth yet. Mommy thanks God for that! I love to practice sitting up and I'm getting better everyday. I barely need assistance, just mommy or daddy's hand to make sure I don't hit my head on the floor. I also like to stand while holding onto mom's fingers. It gives me good exercise and makes me stronger...or so that is what she says. Mom and Dad keep mumbling something about trying to get me to crawl but I can't really make out what they are saying.

My next visit to my pediatrician is Monday the 14th. I'll let you know how that visit goes but right now I think I weigh about 16 pounds because Mom has to switch me back and forth between arms. Then after a long while she passes me off to Dad when he is home. I love it when Mommy gives me a piece of her apple to gnaw on. I also try to take away Mom and Dad's water bottles from them. I just love the cold on my gums! Mom has been taking me out in the mornings for a nice stroller ride. It sure does get humid and mom must be working hard because her face turns red. I love seeing the smile on my Dad's face when he gets home from work. It lets me know how much he loves me!!

I know I have already been to a lot of different places because I am in that car seat all the time. It's alright at first but after a while I get sick of it. It was really fun in the plane, being able to be in mommy's lap and not have to be in the car seat. I was the only one who got to stand in the plane when everyone else had to sit down and put on their seat belts.

Sometimes mom takes me out to this big blue thing and sets me down in it while I am in my floaty. I still haven't figured out what it is but it sure does feel good. My diaper gets very soggy and that is usually when Mom takes it off, but it isn't much longer that they take me out and wrap me up in a nice warm towel. Well, I'm off to go eat some carrots! See you next time =)

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