Monday, July 17, 2006

Salt Lake City

Wow!! Was it gorgeous! We didn't want to leave. There was no humidity!! Brad and Kathy let us stay at their house and Kelsey let us take over her bathroom. Thank you so much! Great Grandma also got to see her little one and love on h er. She is doing well and just can't get enough of Rhealyn. We all went camping up in the mountains at Lodge Pole. The view was beautiful and the weather was so nice. Rhealyn loved being outside. We went fishing and almost all of us caught a fish ;) We also went on a hike. It's amazing how altitude can inhibit your athletic abilities. Rhealyn slept for most of the hike. Jeremy finally got his chance to eat at Cotton Bottom and have the famous Garlic Burger. It was great, but Kathy could smell us coming home a mile away. We also paid 2 visits to Iceburg's, a place with wonderful thick shakes. Of course I was the one that really wanted to go the 2nd time...I can't resist my sweet tooth. More on our visit tomorrow!!

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  1. Rhealyn is just getting to be sooo big!! She is just so darn cute.. Love you all!!