Thursday, July 20, 2006

Salt Lake City 2

Here are the rest of the Salt Lake City trip pictures!! The second half of our stay we went with Jeff and Gerri to their camp out in Manila, Utah. The drive was pretty and the view at the camp was gorgeous!! Jeff took up fly fishing down Green River and it was so much fun!! I actually know how to fly fish now! Jeremy caught 3 fish! It was fun watching him just looks so beautiful and peaceful. It was amazing floating down the river with mountains on both sides of us...very relaxing! Ben and Jake were also there and they make things a lot more entertaining! Jake is really smooth and great at fly fishing. Jeremy and I are ready to go back and visit all of them again!
Rhealyn had a big milestone while we were in Utah. She laughed for the very first time! It was so precious. She still only laughs every now and then, you have to get her really excited before she lets one out!
After our trip to Utah we stopped off at New Braunfels...

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