Monday, March 20, 2006

First Trip to Texas

Rhealyn had her first experience in Texas.
We visited the rest of the Bridwell family
and went to Nicollette's Christening. The Kirchmeier family came to New Orleans last week to see the new addition to the family. Papaw, Uncle Jared and Auntie Jaime were thrilled to finally meet her. And the help around the house is greatly appreciated. Rhealyn's new best friend, Nicollette, was baptized on Saturday in College Station and both were adored at the after party. She was born just 2 days before Rhealyn. Their mom's are best friends and wish they lived closer to each other so they could grow up together. Hopefully some day!!
Rhealyn also met her boyfriend Andrew. They are just so cute together!
Remember to check the link to the left for more pictures of our growing little baby girl!


  1. Dangit!! I'm left out of all the family pictures!!! We are taking one on my birthday... everyone has to come to College Station!

  2. I just love this! I get to see your growing family and feel like I am there with you. Hope to see you soon. So it is Nonna; that is a cool name for Marsha. I love you all and miss you. I am so proud of you; she is so precious. i can't wait to hold her too. Continue to have a blast with her and take tons more pictures. Tracie