Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Rhealyn is really developing her own personality. She smiles more and is getting vocal. It melts my heart when she looks at me and recognizes her mommy! I'm really getting the hang of using only one hand to do everything sure did take some getting used to. Rhealyn still can't fit into most of her clothes so we have to recycle the same ones. We put on her 0-3 month outfits and they just swallow her. We are still waiting for her to grow! But we are definitely cherishing every moment and taking lots of pictures (you already know that). Rhealyn has a babysitter, Brandi, for about an hour almost every night now so Jeremy and I can get in our training routine for the 10k race on April 15th. It's more of an inspiration and motivator to workout rather than a race for us. We'll let you know how we did. We love and miss everyone!!

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  1. 7 weeks ~ hardly seems like it, yet at the same time I'm sure you are thinking, yeah right. The picture of you and Monica with your babies is precious. Keep the pictures coming it makes us feel like we are 'almost' there each day. Love you all, Nonna