Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sunny days and family

The heat of summer is just around the corner so we are trying to make it outdoors as often as we can!! I just loved these pictures of Rhealyn eating Spaghetti so I had to post them!

We took a trip to Austin to visit our dear friends Monica, David and Nicollette!! The girls had so much playing together and soon they will have another playmate once she gets older, Evangeline.

We have also made some additions to our family. A puppy boxer/lab mix named Camo and a white German Shepherd named Layla. Bella is adjusting very well to the intrusion of other dogs and they all get along just fine. Camo follows Bella around's the cutest thing!! Layla likes to follow me around EVERYWHERE, and it's pretty cute but you know how it is when dogs follow you, you seem to step on them all the time!


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