Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Beach and The Zoo

Rhealyn's first experience in sand and salt water was such a site! She wasn't quite sure what to think when the water moved toward her. Diggin' in the sand and eating it was also a treat for her and us. Jaime and Kyle went with us and they had a blast as well. Jeremy and Kyle played football most of time while Jaime and I chased Rhealyn. We met some friends down there, Sara and JT, so Rhealyn could play with Caitlyn and Katy. The stay was cut short because it started pouring down on us. We definitely want to go back down there before it gets cooler.

The animals were great on this zoo trip. Rhealyn and I went to the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans on Thursday and we had a wonderful time. She got to see an Albino alligator and White Bengal Tigers (my favorite). I think the animals were wanting people to watch them because it seemed like they were putting on a show for us. A leopard even moved closer to us and sat down right next to the glass in front of us to pose for a picture. It was the perfect day to go because it was partly cloudy and there only a few people there. Rhealyn will like it better in about a year or two when she better understands that these animals are rare.

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  1. She is growing up ever so fast. Looks like she had a blast this weekend. Love ya'll