Monday, June 18, 2007


She is helping me clean Nonna's house!!

Rhealyn and Nicollette together again!!

She loves her boots!

These boots were made for walkin'!

Playing Guitar Hero II with Jaime and I

Had fun with the yogurt...she looks like Santa Clause

She's so vain!! Probably gets it from Jeremy ;)

I love this picture!!

So cute!!!!

Her shirt from Italy that Jaime got for her!!
Ciao Bella

Happy Summer to everyone!! We are very excited to get her in the water and teach her to swim. Rhealyn is growing up so fast it's amazing! She is so smart and figures things out on her own very well. She pretends to read books, talk on the phone very dramatically, and even puckers up for a kiss.

We are loving our new house in Spring, Texas...of course, this humidity is a different story!! But, we finally have a place of our own where we can keep all of our stuff and not have to bunk else where.

Jeremy is glad to be back at the office, but he also likes his out of town jobs to get him out of the office once in a while. He is very happy to get to see Rhealyn and I everyday and we are so happy to get to see him! We finally feel like a family!!

I am taking 3 online courses this summer and I will be teaching aerobics again at L.A. Fitness in Spring. I'm very excited to be teaching again...I miss it. Rhealyn also loves to workout with me when I'm doing my crunches, squats, and lifting weights (she has her own 3 pound weights).

Rhealyn still doesn't say words but she's getting closer to Momma and Dadda. She loves to jibber-jabber all the long as she knows what she is talking about. I taught her sign language so she can tell me when she is hungry without the screaming. She also knows "please", "thank you", "more", "milk", "finished", "cow", and "bird". Rhealyn knows where her eyes, nose, mouth and ears are. She already has molars so I'm making sure she brushes every morning and every night and she loves it!!! Such a wonderful baby!!

We love everyone so much!!

God Bless!!!


  1. Candice HigginbothamJune 18, 2007

    Thanks to me we have an update =) Amazing how powerful my words are!!!

    ANYWAY, OH MY GOD! She is such a big girl! So cute! Amazing how much they grow huh?

  2. AnonymousJune 19, 2007

    It's about time! I just thought about not having seen any pics of cutie pie in a long time.
    Let her spend a few days with me and she will be talking plenty! You'll want her to shut up!


  3. Nice to see she's already doing chores around the house like sweeping.

  4. Brook,

    She is precious! I know you love being a mommy - it shows! Congratulations on your new home and I'm so glad you all are together as a family. Jeremy was away too long and I'm sure he's grateful to be able to see his girls every day.

    Take care!

    Wendy Wilshire

  5. She is so much fun to have and hang around the house. She makes me laugh