Saturday, September 09, 2006

7 months in Aggieland

Well, we made it to the 7 month mark and she is just cute as a button! Rhealyn is starting to scoot around and get up on her knees but still no crawling yet. I know it will come soon enough. Daddy has a new trick to show off and he sure does love to show it off! And we really really miss him!!

Rhealyn and I are currently in College Station letting mommy get closer to getting her diploma. It's a little harder to study now but I also have a great and wonderful distraction. Being away from Dad is hard on both of us, but we get to see him almost every weekend. We love you sooooooo much!!!

We get up early in the mornings to go walk with our roommates Monica and Nicollette. Mommies need their exercise too!! More to come with the new college life!
Love you all!!

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  1. now that's what i am talkin about!!!! love the new pics ladies:)
    luv, jules