Thursday, January 26, 2006

Rhealyn is on the way

Our baby Rhealyn is coming soon. We are very excited and can't wait until the big arrival. She has begun to drop and could be blessing us with her tiny presence any day. We recently had our baby shower and received tons of great gifts. We would like to express thanks to all of the people who have supported us and helped us during these life changing events.


  1. Jaime KirchmeierJanuary 28, 2006

    Yay my big sis is about to be a mommy!! Look at how cute and pregnant she is! =)
    Congradulations and I can't wait to meet my little niece!!
    Love ya, Cool Aunt Jaime ;)

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  3. My oldest daughter is going to be a mother! She will make a great, caring and livng mom. Congrats to both you and Jeremy - I can't wait to meet my granddaughter ..
    I love you all ~
    Love, Mom/Gigi

  4. wow you are getting big! im just kidding your beautiful and the guy next to you aint so bad either. congrats you guys im happy for yall, and cant wait to see yall again.
    take care

  5. Oh, you two just think youre the cutest couple ever! Well, you have some competition! I miss you! Cant wait to see pictures of the sweet girl!

  6. I am so excited for you two! Children are blessings! And she is going to be absolutely beautiful inside and out!

    Let me know when she arrives! I want to do her first photo session!

  7. I still can't get past how cute you guys are!!!! Good luck, go for the epidural (there is no shame in an epidural!!!!!!!)xoxoxox
    julie, ryan, and drew

  8. Congratulations! Lucky you Brook for having a short labor. The baby is cute, but of course she is with goodlooking parents. Be ready for some sleepless nights. Again, congratulations. Hope all of you are well!